An interview with Cimarron Chacon, after she Rides the Rockies:

So after 412 miles, what are your personal thoughts about Bumazing?   

 My partner was not using any chamois cream and complained of irritation the whole time. Since switching this summer from mnt biking to road cycling I have been even more impressed at how well Bumazing works during high intensity repetitive workouts.

Is Bumazing still a good chamois stick for you?

I would not use anything else.. all the others I have tried go on wet and irritate once I begin to sweat. Bumazing goes on dry and provides a nice thin layer of protection during work outs.. I have found its best to reapply after 3 hours. The best thing is that I can apply it after a work out as well to help heal any sores or irritation that had developed.

Here's what others have to say about Bumazing:

Used Bumazing on a burn, took sting and redness away within minutes.  Also used on a rash on our grandson's Bum, amazingly rash disappeared.  Stephen, 1 year old, had to be restrained when using other treatments but with Bumazing he was quiet & comfortable.
floridabev 5.4.2011

This product is amazing! Cleared up the rash quickly!
faithsmadre 1.18.2011

I bought one & sent it to my sister for her great grand baby & they tried many ointments & creams & all burned but this product was soothing to baby....& removed all redness.
dennynsandy 1.18.2011

Bumazing--what a perfect name! The stick is so easy to use, not messy like most creams, and the lavender scent is heavenly. The entire nursery smells great after a diaper change--and so does baby. All traces of diaper rash are gone. (I have also used it on my hands and heels--divine!)
llocey 1.16.2011

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  1. I had the opportunity to use Bumazing as a sample from a cycling camp with Cycling Camp San Diego. Jo Allen ride mentor raved about your product at the camp and gave us campers a sample. It was great for bike rides before & after especially after 8k feet of climbing & 70 miles! Now I'm hooked! Thanks for a wonderful product!

  2. Introduced to Bumazing from Jo Allen @ Cycling Camp San Diego, Almost a year later and still using Bumazing for pre ride chamois! Love it Love it Love it! Doe

  3. Just wanted to say I freakin love that Bumazing. My son had this horrible blistery rash on his thigh and I put it on him when he went to bed. It was gone the next morning! He was also screaming in pain and when I put it on (which is super easy because its a stick) he closed his eyes and went, "ahhhhh". lol. He's 4.