For Baby

Meet Max.  The original Bumazing bum.

When our second son, Max, was born, we started cloth diapering.  Anyone who has ventured into this cloth diaper world will understand how addicting and time consuming the quest for the perfect "fluffy bum" can become.  My quest included making my own diaper rash balm.  

But I didn't stop there; the balm was just the beginning!  My husband Tim suggested putting the balm into a stick so it would be easy to apply.  When I say it's easy, that's about the understatement of the century.  It's a snap.  The tube is like a big crayon that you can get into all the cracks and crevices with.  It makes the whole diaper changing experience fun, and the smell is heaven!

So the quest began for a stick.  What to use?  Our first "test tubes" were old lip balm tubes that we cleaned out and reused.  It was a start, but the tubes were too small for every day use and also...they were plastic, which means they are tough to recycle...a big No-No in my book.

After days of digging, I finally found the right compostable, biodegradable paper tubes in two sizes.  I hope you like them!